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华中科技大学陈骁:Only Love Can
来源:自学之路网    日期: 2012-04-17


自我介绍:Xiao Chen, alias Lucas, is an elite student of translation. Majoring in Translation & Interpreting in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, one of the top universities of China. Invited guest delegate to University of Harvard, student of the year 2011 of his province, winner of supreme honour of HUST. Been to 10 countries, able to order food in 4 languages. Had his premiere interpreting at China-UK Workshop on Space & Technology, later interpreted at 4 different international meetings. Working as a translator for his university website, English announcer at broadcast station, and one of the most popular teachers at METEN English language training school of Wuhan. Been a regular member of Volunteers’ Union of Wuhan for three years, devoted to volunteer work and organised Care Victims of Earthquake program. Enjoys football,  travelling, light music and thoughtful films.


On December 7, 1972, aboard the Apollo Spaceship, a photo was taken that changed human’s view of the world. For the first time, people around the world saw that the planet we call home as a delicate, beautiful blue marble. We could see land, sea, winds and clouds but no political or cultural boundaries at all.

However, if we zoom into the picture, we’ll find that people are inclined to group themselves by national boundaries. In his book Clash of Civilization Samuel Huntington gave us a new opinion that more than national borders, people are actually grouped into different cultures by various boundaries, such as faith, hobbies and goals. Despite the disputes among nations, coexistence of culture will take the overwhelming tendency.

If you’ve watched Kony 2012 on Youtube, you would probably know that people on all the continents, people in different jobs are united by the same goal of tracing out Kony, the devil military commander in Uganda, before the end of 2012. Famous people supporting this campaign include Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie and millions of Chinese netizens. No matter in China or in the United States, the goal of world peace and conscience join people’s efforts, and these efforts will bring people to mutual understanding and cooperation. We are ONE.

Besides this big event, I’d like to share with you my stories with Couch-Surfing Community. This amazing community encourages its 3 million members all around the world to host travelling strangers; not knowing each other before, they only need to contact another member on the Internet and make a booking. I’ve been a Chinese member of this community for 3 years, and I stayed over by local people around Europe and America, together we cook dinners, exchange experiences, hang out in the cities…all of them are totally free! As a big traveller, I have been to so many countries and met so many people, but didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, because I know even though I’m Chinese, he’s German, she’s American, we share the same faith and love. With faith and love we unite!

You may say, oh, that’s only in Couch-Surfing Community, 3 million people are much too small in the world. No. Actually, people in the whole world are essentially similar. Martin Luther King says, “I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.”

I’m always convinced that people can get along in harmony, despite their differences. Coexistence is the trend. What we can help is to learn from each other. For instance, we Chinese can learn community spirit and voluntary devotion to environment from Westerners; while Westerners can learn closer family bonds from us. When you commit to learning to love to trust, you will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.

Ladies and gentlemen,we should have every confidence in China and the Westthat cultural clashes cannot overweigh coexistence. Let us remember Dr. King’s words, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can; hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.”

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