Have a go in Guizhou
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-11-18
Diners enjoy a feast at a Miao festival in Guizhou. CFP

Listed among the 52 places to go in the world by The New York Times in 2016 and “one of the most worthy regions in China” by CNN in 2017, Guizhou province has become a promising travel destination.

On Oct 22, it made another big list. Lonely Planet ranked it among the top 10 regions to visit in 2020.

Located in southwest China, Guizhou has been praised by CNN as one of China’s “natural jewels”. The landlocked region has beautiful mountains, lovely lakes and distinctive karst landforms.

Visitors can see an amazing view of 700,000 cherry trees in bloom in March. The area also boasts Asia’s tallest waterfall, Huangguoshu, and Asia’s longest cave, Shuanghe Cave. The China Tour Guide website calls Guizhou an unforgettable “wonderland”.
阳春三月,游客们能在此看到70万株樱花盛开的美景。这里还拥有亚洲第一大瀑布 —— 黄果树瀑布以及亚洲第一长洞 —— 双河洞。“中国旅游指南”网站称贵州是一个令人难忘的“仙境”。

Along with this beautiful scenery, a unique local culture also makes it eye-catching. “It’s a good place to experience authentic minority cultures in China,” the domestic travel agency China Highlights noted. Guizhou is home to 17 aboriginal ethnic groups including the Miao, Dong, Shui, Gelao, Yi and Tujia.

Due to the region’s mountainous landscape, modernization has been slow to arrive, allowing many people to keep their traditional lifestyles and cultures. For example, many of the Miao people still live in wooden houses on stilts, while the Dong people have traditional wind and rain bridges, providing shelter from the weather.

Food varies by ethnic group – sour and spicy flavors are common in Guizhou cuisine. “With its use of tomatoes and just a touch of chili peppers, Guizhou cuisine is loved by anyone unwilling to try the spicier Sichuan cuisine,” CNN said.
此外,少数民族的食物也大不相同 —— 贵州菜的口味多为酸辣。“以番茄和少许辣椒烹饪而成的贵州菜深受那些吃不了麻辣四川菜的人的喜爱,”美国有线电视新闻网如此表示。

With picturesque natural scenery, colorful locals and distinctive food, it’s no wonder that Guizhou’s name translates to “precious land”.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Ji Yuan)
Worthy  有价值的
Landlocked  内陆的
Karst  喀斯特
Bloom  盛开的
Boasts  拥有
Aboriginal  原住的
Stilts  桩子
Ethnic group  少数民族
Cuisine  菜肴
Picturesque  如画般的